The “Pearl” of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik truly is an architectural masterpiece and you can’t help but be impressed and take a multitude of photos from every angle.


In mid-season the best time to visit Dubrovnik is sunset, when you will not only miss the cruise liner guests and the midday heat but will be treated to the most amazing views as the sun sets behind the town, over the islands and mountains.

You can only enter the town on foot, through the main, Pile Gate, or, if you have used the cable car, the Buža Gate. Both lead you through medieval charm along the marble street, Stradun, that runs the length of the city and is lined with 17th century buildings. Either side of Stradun are steep lanes brimming with vibrant cafes, restaurants and smart boutiques.

On arriving in the city walls there are guides to take you through the city and bring it to life. Churches and museums are on every corner, most have a small entrance fee.


Dubrovnik is 12km from the Ivanica. Cross the Croatian border and continue downhill. Turn left at the roundabout. At the next T-junction, turn right. Continue and following the sign posts for Dubrovnik. There are a few viewing points on the way but one of the first ones on your left offers a good pull-in area with a small café, really nice to enjoy a sundowner. Take the right fork, following signs for the town centre. At the traffc lights turn left and on your right park in an underground car park. It is easy to use and safe, not cheap, but relatively central. On leaving the car park, head right and down the hill follow the signed pedestrian path that leads you to the Old City.

Exiting the car park, turn left and then right at the traffic lights, following signs for the airport. At the top of the hill, filter right onto the main coast road that you came in on. When you can no longer see the sea, take the next turning left to Gornji Brgat. Head up the mountain, keeping right at the roundabout and back uphill to the Croatian border.

NB: A less expensive way to park is to head to hotel Nero, Lapad. Park in zone 3, approx 10 KN per hour, or 130 all day – prices as 2019. It is a 15 min stroll to the Old Pile Gate.

Drive through the Croatian border and continue down to the old church and the new mini roundabout. Take the second exit signed Gornji / Bosanka. Continue along this narrow road, keeping right until you come to the top of the cable car station. Here you can park and enjoy the views, a drink or a meal ( food is average and drinks are quite expensive, but you are paying for the view, but it is worth it!). You can park here and pay approx 10€ to take the cable car to the old city. Don’t forget to make a note of the last ride back!

Why not take the ferryboat from Srebreno? This is a beautiful way to arrive in Dubrovnik especially if you choose to take a boat in at sunset- this is definitely a stress free approach to visiting this majestic city.

Head through the Croatian border, 1st left at the mini roundabout, continue until you come to the T – junction. Turn left and after 2km, at traffc lights, turn right to Srebreno. On your right is the mall and supermarket with a car park in the basement. There is a further car park below the apartments opposite. The ferry ride as per 2019. is a 100KN pp (approx €13).

If a member of our concierge staff are free, they will organise to drop you and pick you up. They have a copy of charges if you ask – or they can arrange a taxi.


Or you could walk the city wall, which costs approximately 100KN, which is a great way to view the old city from every angle. Be aware that parts are rough under foot and there are a lot of steps. The walk if you make a full circle, can take up to 90-min, so take a bottle of water. We would recommend starting at the entrance near the Pile Gate that is over the town, the more interesting side and then if you have had enough there are stairs to come down.
There are plenty of places to stop and have a sundowner or take a break. You will also find fantastic small bars precariously perched over the wall, with sheer drops to the Adriatic, accessed from the street running along outer wall. Just go through a “hole” in the wall and you will be pleasantly surprised as to what you will find.


For the ultimate way to see Dubrovnik, take the cable car, costing approximately 13€, to the summit of Mount Srdj. The view is spectacular and can be enjoyed in style from the café or Restaurant Panorama, prices are higher than in other parts of Dubrovnik but equal to the location.
If are looking for something active, away from the crowds and free, you can hike up the relatively steep trail to the summit. The start of the hiking trail is just before you reach the Pile Gate. It takes approximately 30-40 min, depending on your fitness level. Good trainers, sunscreen, water and a camera are recommended.
(The summit can also be reached by car, see directions to Restaurant Panorama).


There are also plenty of restaurants in the Old City, although the food is not always the best and prices are high.

We recommend the little pizzerias along the back wall or in the squares which are usually a good find and have a fabulous atmosphere.
More recommendations can be found under Activities -> Restaurants -> Dubrovnik.