AVT safari - 871x582


This new fun experience is found at the Kojan Koral ( along with the horse riding ).
It has really great reviews on Trip Advisor!

Full instructions are given before the safari sets off through Olive groves, pine forests, along the Konavlian rocky coast to the picturesque village of Cilipi.
Here there is a stop for drinks before continuing through Konavle Polje, crossing the river several times and then following the old disused train track back.
On your return a snack and cold drinks are offered.
Distance covered is around 25km.

Monday – Friday 08.30. – 13.00.
Age 16 yrs. plus.
Group size 1-7 drivers.
1 person vehicle 650kn.
2 person vehicle 550kn – per person.
Fully automatic ATV’s.
Helmets provided.

Contact details:

Booking: +385 98606929
Email: info@kojankoral.com
Availability: please check the web site www.kojankoral.hr, they show good photos too!