Lopud is one of the many islands along the beautiful coast - this one has 2 sandy beaches! You have a stunning hours ferry ride to the island from the port in Dubrovnik, or you could take an excursion trip.

The beach bar


You arrive on Lopud Island sailing past the large monastery that clings to the headland, to a beautiful old fishing town. Here you meander through the streets or along the promenade and its many cafes and seafront restaurants. It is busy with tourists from the excursion boats that arrive and from the guests of the expensive yachts anchored just off shore, BUT never enough to spoil the place, they just add to the atmosphere.

You can stay on the town side of the island and make the most of the sandy beaches or you can walk one mile through to the other side to another stunning bay and sandy beach. If you are not over loaded with buckets and spades, make the effort as the beach and bar that awaits makes you believe you are in the Caribbean.

The beach bar on your right, as you arrive, offers you a shaded lunch and a beautiful view of the bay and the most amazing whitebait ( “girice” ) all washed down with a “pivo” or a glass of house white wine – it makes you forget your walk!

Nothing else there except for another fabulous sandy beach. One the way back why not treat yourself to one of the Golf Buggies to drop you back to main part of town, they aren’t expensive and what a pleasure after a “hard day”!

Head down the mountain towards Dubrovnik, to the mini roundabout. Turn right to Mokošica, wind down the hill and then filter left at the T junction, by the garage. Continue along the lower coast road all the way to Dubrovnik. You will then come to a new large roundabout with the ferry port on your right.

Turn in right to a large car park and purchase return ticket to Lopud. The ferry tends to depart at 10 am, returning 4 pm or 6 pm but there will be this season’s timetable found at your accommodation. Excursions usually including lunch can be purchased from Lily or Mili or most of the beach areas along the coast.