Which ever restaurant you choose you will dine amongst history


Named as it is the restaurant perched on top of the mountain, with incredible views, that overlook Dubrovnik Old Town and is where the cable car starts from.

This restaurant is a little bit pricier than other restaurants but none of them have a panorama quite like this one! It is not for those suffering from vertigo.

It’s a classy place that you can dress up for. If you would like a table with an uninterrupted view we would recommend booking, otherwise they usually do manage to squeeze you in.

The menu is typical for this region but quality and service is good. Open all year around (the indoor area). You can call +385 20 31 26 64 to make a reservation or you can do that on their website

This drive is not for the faint hearted but fun and should be done. Head through the Croatian border to the mini roundabout. Take the 2nd exit out, following the sign to Gornji Brgat. The road is narrow here as you pass through the village. Follow the road to a T-junction, turn right and continue along a thin tarmacked road to the top of the mountain. There is a free car park that could also be used if you take the cable car to the Old Town.

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Restaurant Arsenal is part of Hotel Gradska Kavana. We stumbled across this restaurant after having walked the walls and descended just at its side. Our initial reaction was it would be expensive due to its location.

You can choose to sit overlooking the small port with all the ferryboats coming and going, or you can actually sit on the terrace right in the centre square of Stradum. We don’t think here there is another restaurant with a better location.
As we sat down, we were welcomed by the staff, and the cool air provided by the air-conditioning was very much needed. The menu has something for everyone, whether you want to try local foods or have something more recognisable. We really enjoyed a club sandwich and a glass of wine and didn’t feel ripped off.

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Nautika restaurant is known as one of the best in the area, unfortunately not in my opinion.

It serves a local menu, no different from any of the other restaurants in the area and at very high tourist prices. However, it does have the most amazing view!

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This restaurant name translates as ‘FORK’ in Italian. This place was an amazing find this winter and so note it is open all year round.

It is located near the open air cinema in Lapad, so in the summer you could watch a movie, usually in English, and then walk to PANTURUL for some wonderful Italian based food, no pizza but a few home-made unusual pasta dishes.

They boast ‘Local Flavors, quality ingredients and a good variety of dishes and are happy to serve any of their dishes ‘Tapas Style’. The food served was not typical to most of the restaurants here in the area, the chef used to work on a cruise liner travelling internationally and it showed.

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