Ston is a village and was once a major fort whose defensive walls were regarded as a notable feat of medieval architecture.


The medieval town walls are perhaps what this little town is best known for – and rightfully so. The walls are much longer than but not as impressive, as than those of its more famous neighbour Dubrovnik, at 5km in length, making them the longest defensive structure in Europe; they are sometimes referred to as the ‘European Walls of China’.

Built in the 14th and 15th centuries as a additional defence for the Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) and to protect the lucrative salt pans in the area, the walls also consist of three fortresses – Veliki Kastil (in Ston), Korcula (Mali Ston) and Prodzvizd Fort – and a number of towers.

The walls once stretched for as long as 7km , but parts were destroyed following the fall of the Republic of Ragusa, and during the 19th century when the stone was used to construct other structures.

The walls have long since been protected and, following extensive renovations, were opened a number of years ago to visitors.

You can walk for 35-mins or up to two hours depending on your time and fitness level as the walls are quite steep with steps to reach the top. The heat, time of the day and month obviously add to your decision on how far you walk etc.
The views from the top are incredible and worth the effort.


Mali Ston (meaning ‘Little Ston’) is about 1.5km and a half away from the upper side of the Peninsula. You can easily walk between the two places.

Mali Ston Bay is where you will find the oyster beds that produce what are commonly referred to as some of the most delicious oysters in the world. There are small bars offering these famed oysters right from where they are farmed or you may want to relax and have a long lunch in one of the waterfront.

Recommendation :
In Mali Ston a guest has recommended a family restaurant ‘Kapetanova kuća’, saying the head chef is one of the top 3 in Croatia and a TV personality and it was ‘magnificent’! Restaurant ‘Koruna’ also comes recommended from a guest.

Take a a hat, suncream and some water and camera.
Pay for the car park before you leave the car.
The walls are 70KN per person and 30KN per child (2018).You can pay in Kunas or credit cards, Euros aren’t taken.
Opening time: 8.00 a.m. – 7.30 p.m.
Recommended half a day to visit this area.

Follow directions to Slano and continue along the coast road. You’ll come to a large junction with a left hand turn, signposted to Ston.
Follow the road for about quarter of a mile and you can park in Mali Ston, or you can continue further along the road to Ston for

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