The ancient port city of Dubrovnik started to be used as a major stand-in for outdoor scenes set in King’s Landing. Nearby locations were used to film scenes set in Quarth and Slaver’s Bay.


If you are fans of “Game of Thrones” you may want to visit filming locations whilst in Dubrovnik. Many famous scenes were filmed here, as shown on the map.

You can do your own walking tour or you can find various tours on offer in the city, but, do check the prices out as they vary significantly. If you choose to go on your own, here is a list of filming locations, which ties to the map above:

1. Pile Gate Entrance to Old Town,
2. Pile Harbour: Bokar Fortress and Fort Lovrijenac,
3. Dubrovnik West Pier,
4. Dubrovnik West Harbour,
5. Fort Lovrijenac,
6. Gradac Park,
7. Fort Bokar,
8. The City Walls,
9. Minčeta tower,
10. Ethnographic Museum,
11. The Jesuit Staircase,
12. The Rector’s Palace,
13. The Stradun,
14. St Dominic Street,
15. Dominican Monastery,
16. Ploče Gate,
17. Hotel Belvedere,
18. Lokrum island