Some 12 miles away in Bosnia, is the beautiful walled town of Trebinje, dating back to the Ottoman Empire also known locally, as the "city of sun and Platan trees"

Aqua park 'City of the Sun'


There is barely a town in the Herzegovina region that is not situated alongside the river banks, of the river ‘ Trebišnjica’. Trebinje, nestled in the heart of the Bosnian mountains, is no exception, offering welcome relief from the heat. Trebinje has an important history, which is evident from churches perched on top of the mountains that act as a stunning backdrop to the town. When standing just outside the main square you can see buildings representing three different religions. Visiting here is like going back in time, everything you see makes you want to take a deep breath and forget about the stress of everyday life.

Here you can meander through the old walled town and walk along the river bank, visit the local, colourful market in the main square and then enjoy a coffee or ice-cream in the main piazza, sitting under the incredible beautiful Platan trees. The tree camouflaged trunks is where the design came from for the military uniform.

Some of the cafés do not serve food, but they don’t mind if you purchase a delicious pastry or ‘burek’, from the bakery and enjoy it with your coffee. In the summer months the square is often buzzing with live music. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from in Trebinje and they are so affordable, with lively bars running along the river edge that serve from daylight to the early hours. A place our ‘teenage boys’ enjoyed hanging out without us!

For the whole family why not spend the day at the Aqua park, with the Jurassic mountains of Trebinje as a backdrop, opened in 2017 it is very reasonable compared to EU prices. Click on this link to see more information and tips.

A 20 minute car journey.

The road follows the coast then heads inland over the rough mountain landscape, past restaurant Drijen and locals selling their garden produce. On approaching Trebinje at the first roundabout turn left, at the second roundabout go straight across.
At the mini roundabout, turn right then right again into the car park, to pay you will need Bosnian Marks not Euros. The centre of the town is found by turning right out of the car park and walking past the park. Cross over and the main square and market will be in front of you. If you do go straight ahead at the first roundabout you will also arrive in town, just into a different area.

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The town has a huge history, very evident with the churches perched on top of the mountains that act as a stunning backdrop to the town.

When standing in the main square of Trebinje you can see buildings representing different religions. Standing proudly on top of the mountain is the largest of them all, the Greek Orthodox Gračanica Monastery. It is meant to be a very similar to the UNESCO Gračanica Monastery in Kosovo completed in 2000, and of great symbolic importance to the Serb nation as it was built in the 14th century on the Kosovo field where an important battle took place between the Serb forces and the Ottoman Turks. This battle in 1389 was lost by the Serbs.

It is worth a visit for the views alone and there is a a lovely cafe, restaurant and souvenir shop so you can relax and enjoy the panorama.

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The winery ‘Vukoje’, open all year round, is located at the back of the town and offers spectacular views, especially at sunset over the town reaching to the vineyards.

This place is a gem of a find, it is a modern winery with a new contemporary restaurant, nestled on the top of a hill, with stunning views of the 13th Century town of Trebinje and the surrounding mountains with their churches perched on the top of them. Wine Culture in Bosnia & Herzegovina is growing, more wine producers and restaurants are paying greater attention to their wine lists and to their customers, and this is a great example.

Dining on the open roof top terrace with great wine and delicious food is an experience not to be missed. More information is found under the “Activities -> Wineries -> Vukoje”.

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Just outside Trebinje you can visit the Tvrdos Monastery, dating back to the 15 th century, with homemade wine, Grappa and cheese tasting on offer.

Situated just outside Trebinje, this 15th Century Serbian orthodox monastery can be visited on your way to or from Mostar as it is just off the main road. It is important to wear suitable clothing, we stopped one day but had shorts above our knees and so were given sarongs to wear.
We had the most glorious tour with a detailed history of the monastery.
The 4th century foundations of the first Roman church on the site are still visible and we were guided down the stairs of the wine cellar to taste the wines and spirits made by the monks. A trainee monk answered all our questions and was patient while we took photos, in fact he was just happy to sit in the cellar and chit chat. We felt very much at home and just taken by this beautiful property filled with wonderful people. Try the rosemary grappa! Incredible!
There is a gift shop for wine lovers with prices that are a gift from God!

Please follow the road marked on the map above.