“Active Dubrovnik” offers tours through the “Huck Finn” company.


One day tours are offered in and around Dubrovnik and so I’ve singled out 4 that are in our area, and easy for you to be able to join in with.

1 – Koločep – this tour is kayaking around the smallest of the Elphite islands, with a visit to the Blue Caves. It is a great way to explore islands from the water.

2 – Kayak around Zaton Bay, one of the most picturesque bays in the area, with chances to swim, snorkel and jump from the cliffs!

3 – A walking trip, easy/moderate, across Lopud, the most inhabited of the 3 islands, to Šunj beach, a stunning bay with beach bars for a well earned lunch.

4 –  Cycling on the 3rd Island of Šipan, offering exploration of landscapes, villages and historic sites of Šipan Island, the largest island. Cycle through green countryside to the blue and turquoise seaside in time for a swim before catching the ferry back.

The tours include the ferry crossings etc and more information can be found by clicking on the link below: